Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. At MopAway, we are very proud, and fortunate, to produce and supply cleaning products throughout the United States. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of mops, brooms, and cleaning (solutions) in America.

We work very hard to make MopAway your first choice for quality cleaning solutions. That’s why we’re very committed to:

1. Understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations: MopAway listens to you, we constantly strive to achieve even higher quality, superior performance and outstanding value. We continually search for cleaning products that bring America the very best solutions. Many of our products are manufactured in-house to the strictest quality control standards.

2. Providing the best cleaning products and solutions: We engineer our products so they do the best job, once they are in production we test thoroughly to make absolutely sure that our products deliver what we promise.

3. Respecting our environment and maintaining high ethical standards: MopAway is a family owned institution and the spirit of the family company goes into everything we do, from using the best environmental solutions such as recycled American steel in our handles, to being a company that cares for its people and the American community.

Each of us is an expert in how keep our house clean for our family, and by using our products you can be assured of a job well done with minimal fuss.